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The ATU Re-imagining Assessment Project is co-led by Dr Carina Ginty (ATU Galway-Mayo), Dr Niamh Plunkett and Gavin Clinch (ATU Sligo). and Dr Deirdre McClay (ATU Donegal). For further information on the project contact the project Research Assistant, Emma McDonald at This project was supported by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching in Ireland under the SATLE fund.

re-imagining assessment

Re-imagining Assessment and Feedback project outputs page

Keynote Speaker: Professor Naomi Winstone

How brave can we be? Re- imagining assessment and feedback in higher education

Dr. Susan McDonnell, Dr. Maire Hanniffy & Sinéad Barrins

Authentic assessment practices in a Sociology & Politics programme in ATU Sligo

Bronagh Heverin

Dr. Bronagh Heverin

A review and evaluation of the introduction and application of the ABC learning design methodology to the BA in Law with Criminal Justice programme in ATU Donegal

Dr. Eleanor Rainsford, Dr. Debbie Corcoran, Dr. Trish O'Connell & Brigid Hooban

Innovative & authentic assessment practices in Medical Science in ATU Galway City

Emma McDonald

Project findings and outputs from the Re-imagining Assessment and Feedback project 2021 –2022

Re-imagining Assessment: Creating Feedback Opportunities within the Curriculum, A Masterclass with Edd Pitt

Re-imagining Assessment: Development of Rubrics for Assessment, A Masterclass with Linda Suskie