Discovery Tool

What is the Digital Discovery Tool?

The Digital Discovery Tool was developed by Jisc as an empowering first step for users to reflect on their digital capabilities.  It is a developmental tool that staff can use to self-assess their digital capabilities, identify their strengths and opportunities to develop their skills further to enhance their practice of learning.  

It uses a series of reflective questions that relate to Jisc’s framework building digital capabilities which include the following areas:

  • ICT (digital) proficiency
  • Information, data & media literacy
  • Digital creation, problem-solving & innovation
  • Digital communication, collaboration & participation
  • Digital learning & development
  • Digital identity & wellbeing

On completion of the Digital Discovery Tool, you will receive a personalised report with suggested next steps and links to free resources that can help further develop your digital capabilities.

Discovery Tool FAQs

What should I know before using the Digital Discovery Tool?

It should take no more than 20 minutes to complete the six areas of the digital capability framework. 

You can leave a question and return to it, or change an answer, using the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons. You can also save and exit the questions at any point and return for another session.

You may repeat the questions however if you want to preserve your original report, it is important to download it as a pdf first because every time you complete the questions online it generates and overwrites your report for that question set.

For additional FAQs, please click here.

How can I access the tool?

You can access the Digital Discovery Tool by clicking here.

What data is collected and why?

Staff are asked to include their name which appears on their personal report only and is not attached to any reporting data.  

Staff are also asked to select their Department and Subject Area (from a standard list).  This is to enable us to receive a breakdown of our institutional data (anonymised so no individual is identifiable) by these categories.

How is my data protected, used and stored?

Information on Discovery Tool security is available here

If you are having difficulty accessing the Discovery Tool, please contact us.