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As part of the DigitalEd development initiatives for the ATU, a monthly webinar and workshop series is coordinated by the ATU Teaching and Learning Centre (Galway-Mayo). Check out upcoming events below.

Latest Past Events

Hello H5P! Layout, Presentation and Structure with H5P (Part 1)

In this short H5P webinar you will learn how to use H5P to help structure and layout information. This can help you group different media types together and display them in a practical but aesthetically pleasing way on Moodle or simply a webpage.

Chat GPT & Artificial Intelligence Tools – Workshop 2

This hands on workshop will look at redesigning assessments with the capability of AI tools such as Chat GPT and variations of it in mind. We will be looking at the susceptibility of assessment types and group work, discussions and debate will be used to explore the considerations required in designing different assessment types.