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Programmatic Review Transformation Framework (PRTF) at ATU Galway-Mayo

Author: Dr Carina Ginty
Resource Credit:

Dr Carina Ginty

Bridie Killoran

Dr Mark Kelly

The Teaching and Learning Centre ATU Galway-Mayo (Dr Carina Ginty), the Centre for Sustainability ATU Galway-Mayo (Dr Mark Kelly) and the HigherEd 4.0 Careers and Learning Pathways Manager (Bridie Killoran), collaborated on the development of a Programmatic Review Transformation Framework (PRTF) to support the programme evaluation and re-design process for 250+ academic programmes at ATU Galway-Mayo in 2021 and 2022. Over 500 academic staff engaged with the framework, a workshop and a design checklist. The framework focuses on assessment transformation through the lens of education for sustainability and employability.


Access the programme design checklist and course design tool.

For further information, access the Assessment Transformation guide resource by Dr Carina Ginty (TLC ATU Galway-Mayo).

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