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Concept Mapping

What is it? A concept map is a visual representation of knowledge. The process enables students to organize and structure information and the relationships between them. This may be done […]


What is it: An “Abstract” is a form of assessment which refers to a written summary or concise representation of a more extensive academic work, such as a research paper, […]

Role Play

An assessment in which students assume the roles of characters and develop a script and short demonstration to show understanding of topic/subject. This assessment type enables students to act out […]

Self Assessments

Students are asked to reflect on their own pieces of work, learning and their level of skills using a module specific grading rubric. This encourages students to evaluate their work […]

Short Answer Questions (SAQ)

Students are asked to give brief answers to questions. This measures students analysis, application of knowledge, problem-solving abilities and evaluative skills.


A wiki (Wikipedia) is an online writing space that multiple contributors can share and edit. A student or group of students can use it to create and collaborate on a […]


Student are asked to create a poster on a particular topic. This can include text and grapghics on a single page to demonstrate understanding of a topic in a creative […]

Practical Examination

Assessment of prartical skills developed through a module. Students are asked to perform tasks that demonstrate their skills, techniques and/or competencies whilst being observed.