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Empowering Teachers

Category:  Tools & Technology
Resource Type: Audience Response Tool
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Smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones.

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I do a few things using Socrative like collect feedback – it’s easy to create the questions in advance, collect feedback and save the answers. I do lots of numerical questions in class and it’s hard to see what each student is doing when I am in a big lecture room. I collect answers anonymously and display them so that everybody can see and check if they are on the right track. Students don’t really like to shout the answers so this is perfect. I can also see if the question is too difficult. In general I get the correct answer from most of the students, but if I get completely different answer from each student, it’s a sign that it was too difficult, they didn’t really get it. Sometimes I want to mark a question so I can do the same, but this time students are requested to sign in with their real names.
Aurora Dimanche
Dr. Aurora Dimache
ATU Galway-Mayo

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Ease of Use
The tool has a user-friendly interface and it is easy for instructors and students to become skillful with in a personalized and intuitive manner.
Media Rich & Flexible Features
The tool is restrictive in terms of the representational forms employed (audio, visual, textual) and presents information sequentially in a rigid, inflexible format
Mobile Design & Functionality
The tool can be accessed either via app or a mobile browser, regardless of the mobile operating system and device. Design of the mobile tool fully takes into consideration the constraints of a smaller-sized screen and has full functionality.
Integration / Embedding with Moodle
The tool can only be accessed through a hyperlink or static representations of the tool (e.g file export), rather than a functional version of the tool itself
Support / Help
Technical support and help documentation is available directly from the software providers website and/or built in to the application.
The tool has easy-to-use features that would significantly improve an instructor’s ability to be present with learners via active management, monitoring, engagement, and feedback
Learning Analytics
Instructor can monitor learners’ performance on a variety of responsive measures. These measures can be accessed through a user-friendly dashboard
Enhancement of Cognitive Tasks
The tool enables functional improvement to engagement in the targeted cognitive task(s)
Metacognitive Engagement
Opportunities for receiving formative feedback on learning are available, but infrequent or limited (i.e. poor opportunities for tracking performance, monitoring improvement, testing knowledge on a regular basis)
Communication, interactivity, and transfer of meaning between users is not supported or significantly limited
Sign Up / Sign In
Use of the tool does not require the creation of an external account or additional login, such that no personal user information is collected and shared.
Archiving, Saving, and Exporting Data
Users can archive, save, or import and export content or activity data in a variety of formats
User-focused Participation
The tool has some limited capacity to address the needs of diverse users, their various literacies, and capabilities
Cost of Use
Limited aspects of the tool can be used for free with other elements requiring payment of a fee, membership, or subscription.
There is no IT support available for this product in any of the institutes.

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