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Smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones.

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I do a few things using Socrative like collect feedback – it’s easy to create the questions in advance, collect feedback and save the answers. I do lots of numerical questions in class and it’s hard to see what each student is doing when I am in a big lecture room. I collect answers anonymously and display them so that everybody can see and check if they are on the right track. Students don’t really like to shout the answers so this is perfect. I can also see if the question is too difficult. In general I get the correct answer from most of the students, but if I get completely different answer from each student, it’s a sign that it was too difficult, they didn’t really get it. Sometimes I want to mark a question so I can do the same, but this time students are requested to sign in with their real names.
Aurora Dimanche
Dr. Aurora Dimache
ATU Galway-Mayo

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