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What is it? Podcasts can be used as a form of assessment as an alternative to presentations and videos, they produced as an audio discussion format. Students work as part […]

Online Discussion Forum

What is it? Students are assessed based on their contributions to an online discussion for example, with their peers; this could be hosted on a virtual learning environment (VLE). The […]


What is it? There are many applications for interviews in assessment. They can be used as a mock interview to prepare students for professional interviews and as a tool to […]

Concept Mapping

What is it? A concept map is a visual representation of knowledge. The process enables students to organize and structure information and the relationships between them. This may be done […]


What is it? An “Abstract” is a form of assessment which refers to a written summary or concise representation of a more extensive academic work, such as a research paper, […]


What is it? Students are asked to produce a poster on a particular topic. These can be used individually or groups to assess a wide range of activities. Posters can […]

Practical Examination

What is it? Assessment of practical skills developed through a module. Students are asked to perform tasks that demonstrate their skills, techniques and/or competencies whilst being observed.


What is it? Students are asked to give an oral/video presentation on a particular topic for a specified length of time and could also be asked to prepare associated slides […]


What is it? This is a form of assessment where students are presented with a range of questions either formatively or summativley. A range of question types can be incorporated […]


What is it? Students produce an account of an experience, activity or experiment which may include a description, summary of findings, observations, and conclusions and recommendations. This encourages students to […]