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You may have some further questions about the Digital Resource Directory and we aim to answer them here. If your question is not answered here please reach out to us through the contact us page or join our community to discuss further. 

What are these Digital Resources?

The digital resources are a collection of software tools being used by institute staff as an additional aide to meet their academic and professional needs

How did you categorise the tools? 

The categories headings are taken from the All Aboard, Digital Skills in Higher Education MetroMap. The reviewers decide the category, but it is likely that many digital resources can fall into multiple categories.

What is the Digital Resource Review Rubric?

The Digital Resource review rubric provides us with a common framework of categorised criteria and associated levels of achievement so as to help determine the suitability of digital resource for the wanted teaching and learning outcomes.

Where did you take the review rubric from?

The Rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation by Lauren M. Anstey & Gavan P.L. Watson – Centre for Teaching and Learning, Western University, available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, was chosen as a foundation for our digital resources review rubric. Change were made to reflect educational context and requirements of this project. 

What does the star rating mean?

Each subcategory has 1 of 4 options. Highest level of achievement for a criterion indicated as 3 stars, partial achievement as 2 stars, minimal achievement as 1 star and no stars meaning it was not applicable, represented by different symbol.

Where can I get support for these digital resources?

Support is either self service from online resources or within your Institute if indicated under the Support panel of the individual resource review.

Can I get a copy of the review rubric?

Absolutely. Download it here or contact us for updates. 

Can I submit a review?

You are welcome to submit a review for a digital resource through the review form located on the DigitalEd Digital Resources page or click here. It follows the digital tool review rubric described above

Can I ask a question about using a digital resource?

Of course! Use the digital forum to get connected or contact us directly.